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Your Parish Councillors

I was elected to the Parish Council in May 2015 and I have lived in Warcop for over 21 years. For 12 years I was Headteacher of Kirkby Stephen Grammar School and when I retired in 2012 after 36 years teaching, I wanted to put something back into our community. I have previously volunteered at Warcop Primary School and am involved as a trustee of the Parish Hall. I am a volunteer grass cutter and part of the Friday Community Minibus driver team.

My wife Joyce is equally committed to the Parish Church and the Parish Hall. In May 2106 I was elected Chair of the Parish Council. I try to bring my energy and determination to this role, and have drawn up an action plan for the Parish to try and achieve a range of improvements for all of us in this wonderful community.

I have a range of skills and experiences which I hope will be of value to the Parish Council. To my mind, the council exists to improve our community for everyone who lives in all the villages in our Parish. I get as much satisfaction in solving small issues as I do from the bigger concerns that confront us and I am always happy to discuss issues.

David Keetley, Chair, Warcop – Telephone: 017683 41390

Clive Allen, Vice-Chair – Telephone: 07484 852 475

Caroline Syddall, Parish Councillor, Bleatarn – Telephone: 017683 42005.

Katie Hauser, Parish Councillor, Warcop – Telephone: 07729 026 288

Colin Harrison, Parish Councillor, Warcop – Telephone: 017683 41816

Gordon Deighton, Parish Councillor, Bleatarn – Telephone: 017683 41034

Nikki McDowall, Parish Councillor, Sandford – Telephone: 07739 312 023

Heidi Strong, Clerk to the Parish Council Telephone: 017683 41102


Here is a link to our current Action Plan: