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Warcop Parish Hall Covid-19 Closure

The trustees of Warcop Parish Hall met on the 2nd December 2020 and discussed the implications of Cumbria being in Tier 2 following lockdown, and also taking into account the latest government guidance for community halls. Trustees took the decision to remain closed for the moment but will review the situation in January taking into account the tier that Cumbria will be in at that time and any further guidance for community halls.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to our many regular users and hirers but we feel that re-opening at this stage would be likely to increase the risk of infection if we were to re-start classes and events.

We really hope that things will look better in 2021 and mass vaccination will be rolled out and we can start to offer all the many activities, classes and events that we’ve all missed so much.

In the meantime, the weekly Post Office continues at the Hall on Tuesdays from 2-3 pm. The Shappy Wheels Fish & Chips van will continue in the car park every Tuesday from 4:30 -7:00pm. The primary school can continue to use the hall for occasional PE lessons.

David Keetley

Chair, Warcop Parish Hall CIO Trustees


Great North Air Ambulance Collection

Thank you to everyone who brought so many bags down to the Hall for our November collection. The amount raised for the GNAA charity was £604. This brings the overall total raised so far from our collections to £4,559. Well done!

David Keetley

Quite a collection of bags!
Community Parish Council

A66 Border TV Interview

ITV Border News were invited to film and interview a few local residents to hear their concerns about Highways England’s proposed route for the A66. In the light of the 94% in favour of an alternative northern route, the reporter was keen to find out what the main concerns are and the impact of the new road which would come closer to the villages of Warcop, Sandford, Langrigg and Flitholme, thereby increasing noise, air and visual pollution.

Watch the programme on ITV on Wednesday 2nd December at 6pm

Parish Council

Warcop Parish Council Minutes of Meeting of 27th October 2020

Here are the minutes of the last meeting of Warcop Parish Council:

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Community Parish Council

Warcop Parish Council Meeting

There will be a Zoom meeting of Warcop Parish Council on Tuesday 1st December at 7:30 pm. If you have any issues please speak to a member of the Council or contact the Clerk, Heidi Strong.

The Agenda and minutes of the last meeting are available via the links below:

Community Parish Council

Alternative Route Survey Results – Overwhelming Support for Northern Option

A66 road - Wikipedia

Warcop Parish Council recently produced a survey sheet which went to every resident in Warcop Parish. It was a simple request to see if there was sufficient support for an alternative to the route between Appleby and Brough published by Highways England. The Parish Council believes that the proposed route will be too close to Warcop village and other residential and business premises along the 5-mile route.

Musgrave Parish Council also used the sheet to ask the residents of its parish and the results are included with Warcop’s. Some 300 sheets were distributed and almost 200 returned.

The forms were counted by the Reverend Clive Hicks.

94% of forms returned were in favour of the alternative route, with 6% supporting the original route offered by Highways England.

Such overwhelming support for the alternative route means that both Parish Councils will pass on this outcome to our MP, Dr Neil Hudson, and to Highways England. We believe that Highways England should now draw up a detailed scheme for the northern route. We will keep you informed of the responses we receive. We also hope to have this survey result in The Herald.

Warcop and Musgrave Parish Councils would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey which shows a very high level of community engagement.

Here is a copy of the results table:


Meanwhile, Highways England has published updates on progress on the whole project. Here are two links which might help you find out more. One is to a virtual consultation where you can click on the relevant section to see a video. The other is to the complete update booklet.

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Family Walking Quiz


Great North Air Ambulance Bag Collection

As a number of people have asked me about this, I have arranged for the GNAA van to collect our bags on SATURDAY 28TH NOVEMBER at 11:30 am.

Please leave as many bags, printer cartridges etc outside Warcop Parish Hall between 9:00 – 11:00 am at the latest on the Saturday morning. Please tie up the bags well to make them weatherproof.



If you need more bags, please ring me on 41390. (If any bag has a day printed on, please ignore this and bring the bags on the collection day at the hall.)

Thank you for your continued support for this brilliant and much-needed charity, and this will be a good time to have a good clear out before Christmas!

David Keetley

Chair, Warcop Parish Council

Community Parish Council

Highways England Meeting: Our Preferred Route

A group of Parish Councillors and and local residents recently met with a team from Highways England to propose an alternative route to their published “preferred route.” As our community was only offered one option which many might not fully appreciate the implications of, we wanted to suggest a completely northern route behind the MOD buildings, through a valley and eventually returning to the straight part of the old road beyond Sandford road end.

We think their proposal would increase noise, air and visual pollution, reduce property prices and take away the army/community playing field and create huge bridges which would be higher than the railway line embankment.

Warcop Parish Council intends to send out a questionnaire to all residents soon n which we will ask people to consider whether they prefer the Highways England option I or our northern option I (north).

Community Parish Council

Update on Plans for Upgrade to Warcop Play Area

Warcop Parish Council is embarking on an imaginative plan to completely upgrade the existing play area on the village green as we feel the current equipment is old and unexciting. It is checked regularly by Eden District Council to ensure it is safe.

This project is being led by Councillor Katie Hauser and a small working group. So far a number of companies have drawn up plans and quotations for a variety of schemes. In order to raise the considerable funds required, there will be several fund-raising events in the coming months as well as applications to a range of funders.

Katie has sent out a questionnaire to seek people’s views and we will inform you of the results and which scheme the Parish Council has chosen.

Initial fund-raising has been successful and the Parish Council will also contribute to this project. The next stage is to apply for a series of grants to cover the cost of clearing the site and installing the new equipment. We might also look at drainage and safety fencing around the play area.

The two most favoured designs can be found here but there may be other companies who will quote and come up with alternatives:

One of these designs uses recycled plastic; the other uses wood.

In the short term, the Parish Council has asked EDC if it can at least re-paint the existing swings and slide to brighten them up until we have all the funds we need to create a completely new and exciting adventure play area.