Missing Cat Found!

Thank you to all who helped search for the missing cat Oski, who has now thankfully been found by a local farmer. The owner has sent this message with permission to circulate it wider:

Incredibly on day 16 of Oski the cat’s disappearance, Steve, one of the local farmers has found him alive in the field just behind Upper Field View (where we are presently living).

We have just taken him to the vet and he is clearly not in the best of health but as an 18 year old with existing conditions, he is back with us.

He lost half of his already light body weight and will have to be carefully monitored but we are so grateful for the opportunity to have him home with us even if it is just for a short time.

He has eaten well, drunk a large amount of water and is curled up in a snug little animal den with a hot water bottle under it.

We are very grateful for all of the kind comments people in the community have made and would like to thank everybody for keeping a good lookout for Oski.

Special thanks to Steve of course.

Best wishes.

Lee & Lydia.