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Help for a Ukrainian Translator Needed
I received a request this morning on behalf of a translator currently working at Warcop Camp. John Hope helps in this regard and he is asking if anyone in our community could spare a little time to meet Nadiya to help her improve her English. This is just conversational English which will help her do her work more effectively.

Below is an extract from John’s email to give you a little more information and a contact number and email for him:

I am a Job Club Volunteer working with a number of Ukrainians in Farnham, Surrey. One or whom, Nadiya, is working as a translator at Warcop Camp.

She was a University Lecturer in the Ukraine and is looking for opportunities to improve her English, she would really benefit from the opportunity of practising English conversation with some friendly local people.

As you mentioned folk, people staying on the camp that you have given lifts to, have said that they can feel very confined.

For Nadiya to get off the camp and to talk about everyday UK things (non military) with (non military) people would be welcome on so many levels.

You mentioned your Mailchimp group and the contacts you have in Musgrave as potential people who could help – these sound very hopeful.

07713 654715

If you think you could help, please let me know or call John direct on his mobile or via his email 

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

David Keetley