Flood Forum Meeting – Monday 21st November

A Flood Forum Meeting was be held at Warcop Parish Hall on  Monday 21st November in the Parish Hall and about 16 local residents attended on a stormy and wet night. Representatives from Cumbria County Council, the Environment Agency and other officials attended and a presentation was given about the draft Flood Investigation Report, which had just been published and can be accessed via the following link:  or on this website using the link below. Please read the report and if you have any other facts or photos that might help make tohe report more accurate, please send them in.

The meeting also discussed further ideas and possiblitlities for future preventative work such as “leaky dams” upstream which can help slow the flow of the two main becks into Warcop. A final report will be published soon and improved flood alerts and online systems are to be introduced.

Thank you to all who attended and sat through the power cuts beneath the emergency lighting!

Warcop Flood Investigation Report (DRAFT)