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Dog Fouling

It is an offence to let your dog foul on a playing field or footpath. It can lead to a fine of £75 which can rise to £1000. On behalf of the Parish Council, please can we ask all dog owners to ensure that they collect their dog’s poo and deposit it in the red bins provided in the village? The number of dog owners seems to have increased recently and we know that the majority of dog owners do clear up their dog’s mess. However, we are now seeing dog poo on the village green on the playground area and football pitch as well as on the roads and on public footpaths by the River Eden. If your dog poos on the grass, please pick it up.

Eden District Council have an online report form to report dog fouling or owners who fail to collect dog mess. This is given in the information below and also as a new link on the front page of our website. This is what Eden District Council’s website says:

Dog fouling

Most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets, but a small number continue to cause problems. Dog fouling which is left on footpaths and playing fields is a health risk to people and can cause the infection ‘Toxocariasis’ which can lead to blindness.

The Fouling of Land by Dogs (District of Eden) Order 2008 designates areas of land where owners must pick up after their dogs, or face a fixed penalty ticket of £75, and possibly a fine of up to £1,000.

When you walk your dog, be sure to take poop bags or a poop scoop with you, like you would remember a lead. Please note, rain does not wash the problem away.

You can put bagged dog waste in:

  • a dog waste bin;
  • a litter bin (there are over 350 in Eden);
  • your own blue refuse bag at home.

To tell us of a problem with a dog waste bin use the:

Dog waste bin problem online report form.

It is every dog owner’s duty to clean up after their dog. Do not give all dog owners a bad name.

Report dog fouling

Report dog fouling, especially if you know the dog owner who is failing to pick up after their dog. If the Community Wardens have no information about the dog owners who are not picking up, they can only monitor an area. To tell us of a problem with dog fouling use the:

Dog fouling online report form.

Request an area be cleared and cleaned of dog fouling

To tell us of a dog fouling problem where a pavement or area needs cleaning, use the:

Street cleaning complaint or request form.

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Warcop Village Green – New Fencing Erected

You will have seen that the new fencing has been erected around the village green. This was paid for from a successful grant to a Flood Relief fund following Storm Desmond. The fencing, new picnic tables and seats are all made from re-cycled plastic and should last for many years with low maintenance costs.

The next work will be re-building the bridge over the beck. Any funds left over will be used to make further improvements to that area of the village. Many thanks to Max Voican for his excellent work on this in some terribly wintry weather and also to Colin Harrison for moving the old, heavy picnic bench nearer to the willow maze.

We expect Eden District Council to paint the play equipment when the weather improves to brighten it all up. The Parish Council wants to improve the whole Parish and is always willing to hear ideas from residents about how to achieve this.



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Bleatarn Receives Third Defibrillator

Following the generosity of local people in donating large amounts of money for defibrillators in our Parish, we are pleased to announce that there was enough funding left over to purchase a third one. This has now been  placed on the outside wall of Gordon and Hazel Deighton’s in Bleatarn, and we are extremely grateful to them for agreeing to this and also to fulfil the weekly checks.

Thanks also to Andrew Allison who agreed to fit the defibrillator free of charge, as he did with the other two in Warcop and Sandford. We are now well supplied with this life-saving equipment in our parish area.

David Keetley


Warcop Parish Council


Parish Council

Chapel Garth Parking and Access

There is a growing problem of access to Chapel Garth and Martindale View caused by the increasing number of cars parked on the pavement. There is insufficient room for larger delivery vehicles, bin and recycling lorries to make the right turn into the development so that the grass verges are now cut up and  messy.

The Parish Council has contacted Cumbria Highways to  ask them to assess the situation and to consider re-shaping the bend to allow better turning space. So far we have not had a response, but we’ll keep trying.

Please can residents kindly do their best to park their cars as safely as possible and avoid trailers in the car park and taking a parking space up? Thank you.

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Eden District Council agrees to Removal of Wellingtonia Tree in Warcop

As you may have seen in a recent article in The Herald, at a recent EDC Planning Committee meeting, an appeal was made to remove the Tree Preservation Order which had been placed on the 92 feet high Wellingtonia tree in the centre of Warcop, because of increasing safety concerns. This damage caused to an adjoining property by falling branches during the November storm (see photos below) proved to be a convincing example of the risks.

After representations from the EDC Tree Officer and the appellants’ representatives, followed by close questioning and discussion, the committee voted by 6 to 4 in favour of the removal of the tree, with the condition that it be replaced by a native variety.

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New Parish Councillor for Warcop

Congratulations to Georgina Austin’Fell who has been appointed to Warcop Parish Council. Georgie is committed to the Parish and works for Eden District Council and we know she will bring a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and ideas to the Parish Council. We look forward to working with her and benefiting from the skills she brings to our voluntary work.

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Highways England Meeting

Jonathan Reade from Highways England and Andy Render from Keir met with four members of the Parish Council and four local residents on Tuesday 16th August in the Parish Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to hear updates on three potential schemes of interest to our community: the 50 mph speed limit on the A66; the possible dualling of the A66; a possible cycle way from Sandford to Appleby.

  1. The 50 mph speed limit is imminent – when the over-sticky tape is replaced with new signs. Highways England and the police will monitor speeds and we should perhaps ask someone from the traffic police to come and talk to the Parish Council in the coming months to get their perspective on the new speed limit. While there are no average speed cameras, they is a possibility of them later if speeds don’t reduce. We need speed checks not just at the new police lay-by but on the worst bends. Further junction work might also happen if needed. They will look at suggestions made by local residents who live very close to the A66.
  2. Dualling the A66 – a report to ministers is being finalised and likely to go to them in October. We should lobby Rory Stewart our MP round about that time to use his influence as that is when decisions to take schemes to the development stage are made. If successful, it means the scheme is committed and detailed work starts plus all the statutory consultations etc. The earliest start would be 2021/22 but a lot can happen in governments and the economy in that time! This isn’t the only scheme in the pipeline, of course. Jonathan referred us to an interim report which you can access via this link: There is a  shorter summary but the 205-page full report is perhaps more interesting because of the huge amount of data it contains about traffic flows, accidents, speeds, freight use, projections and so on. Have a look at it if you can. It covers the A69, A66 and A685. The encouraging aspect is that HIghways England see the sense of dualling the A66 and it has a strong economic as well as a safety benefit and would support the “Northern Powerhose” policy.
  3. Cycle Way – Jonathan seems confident that the track bed and viaducts are fairly sound and feels a scheme like this would cost about £2m. He doesn’t seem to think that would be an issue, although they might find technical problems. They will try to find some funds to do a survey this year. Because it’s a safer route which can’t be built next to the A66, he seems to think it stands a good chance, possibly from the 2017/18 financial year. It would start at Sandford Bridge and go right to Appleby, with options to link to caravan parks along the way and places like Haybergill.

The Parish Council will receive updates and let you know what is happening. We intend to meet with them again in a year’s time to see how the speed limit has gone with relevant data


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New Chair of Parish Council

At the last Parish Council Meeting, David Keetley was elected as the new Chair of Warcop Parish Council as Tim Wass expressed a wish to stand down as Chair, due to new work commitments. Tim will continue as a Parish Councillor and we appreciate all the excellent work he has done in recent years. A summary of the recent meeting will be published soon.

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Warcop Clean Up – After the Floods Volunteers Start the Big Clean Up

The Parish Council held several meetings which were attended by many local residents to help create a Flood Action Plan. Rory Stewart MP visited Warcop and offered support and the Environment Agency (EA) came down and visited the main areas of damage and concern.

The main areas agreed were:

Parish given permission for local volunteers to clear extensive undergrowth from Crook’s Beck from the centre of the village to the mouth of the Eden.

The EA agreed to fund the work to widen the beck to slow down the flow of water in any future floods.

Build up of gravel at Eden Bridge to be removed and threat to road as river is now effectively spilt in two. No agreement yet as to who will give permission or fund this.

CCC Highways to repair railings and posts alongside beck and fund paint for village volunteers to re-paint them after any EA work has been completed.

Highways repaired the low bridge over the beck whose wall had been partly washed away in the floods.

The Parish Council would like to thank all local residents who have worked so hard clearing trees and vegetation along the beck and disposing of the waste. Look out for some photos on the website soon to show some of the great work done and how it has opened up the views of the village. Many homes were flooded and we hope that this great example of community spirit will help prevent such flooding and heartache for residents in future.

Thanks also to those residents who helped make a good start on tidying up the willow maze in Warcop which had become overgrown. The Parish Council hopes to organise some more village tidy up sessions and would encourage lots of volunteers will come along to help.