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A66 Upgrade – 

9th November 2023.

The Secretary of State for Transport has now decided to delay the decision on the planning application (DCO) for the A66 upgrade until the 7th March 2024. See more via this link:

A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project | National Infrastructure Planning (

A more detailed letter from the Secretary of State for Transport explaining the need for more work to be done, and seeking further views by 29th November, is here:

Many in our community might feel dismayed at this latest delay to the dualling scheme.

A66 Upgrade Community Parish Council

A66 Changes Consultation

Just a reminder that the consultation period on NH’s proposed changes to the DCO has started and ends on the 27th February. There is a consultation meeting at Warcop Parish Hall on Wednesday 1st February, 3 – 7pm. I hope that you will attend if possible and then respond either online or via paper copies. 

From what I can see, most of the changes seem sensible and straightforward, and the most significant perhaps is the re-design of the Langrigg junction, as well as a reduction of the Warcop junction near the army playing field.. However, no sign here of the section from Café 66 to Dyke Nook Cottage being put behind the line of trees, or the maintaining of the existing Brough Hill Fair site. It will be interesting to examine the drawings of the new Warcop junction in greater detail than the brochure gives.

Here are a couple of useful links and the dates of all the public meetings:

A66 Northern TransPennine Project Proposed Change Consultation Brochure January 2023.pdf (

A66 Northern Trans-Pennine DCO Design Application Change Consultation 2023 – Page 1 of 3 – National Highways – Citizen Space

Gilling West Village Hall, High St, Gilling West, Richmond, DL10 5JJ



Kirkby Thore Memorial Hall, Kirkby Thore, CA10 1UE



Warcop Village Hall, Appleby-in-Westmorland, CA16 6NX



Penrith Methodist Church, Wordsworth St, Penrith, CA11 7QY

Hope this is useful.

Best wishes,


A66 Upgrade Community

A66 Upgrade

National Highways have published an updated brochure on their proposals for the A66 upgrade. Here is the link to the A66 NTP winter update website:

The link takes you to the winter update brochure, which summarises the key changes to the scheme since their autumn 2021 consultation. There is also a consultation summary report, which gives you details of the consultation, how many people took part and the feedback they received on their developing designs. 

Recent Consultations

National Highways have issued a leaflet (link below) to local residents suggesting that they have made some amendments to their preferred route where they are looking to make changes to two parts of the route: “the western section of route local to Sandford junction and central section in the vicinity of Moor Beck.”  The leaflet does not include any plans or route drawings, which is not exactly helpful. The consultation lasts from 28th January to 25th February.

There is a National Highways consultation drop-in at Warcop Parish Hall on Monday 7th February 3 – 7pm and on Tuesday 8th February from 8 – 2pm.

Here is a link to the leaflet in case you have not seen it:

Without knowing what their amendments to the western and central routes are, it is hard to comment, but we urge all residents to attend the consultation at the Parish Hall, then submit their responses either online or via paper copies.

What concerns both Warcop Parish Council and Musgrave Parish Council is the suggestion that the eastern route from Warcop to Brough may not have been changed at all.

David Keetley

A66 Upgrade Community Parish Council

A66 Update

Please go to the dedicated A66 page for an update on a recent meeting with National Highways and to see two potential alternative northern options at each end of our section.