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Superfast Broadband Meeting

There is a public meeting on Tuesday 9th August at 7pm at Warcop Parish Hall, where a representative will come and talk us through the project and answer any questions residents have.

B4RN is a not for profit company who use government funding to help communities get superfast broadband to each property.  The service once signed up costs £33 per month.  

As it’s government funded, we need a large proportion of the residents in the parish to sign up/come along and express interest in the project.  

Here is a link to a poster with more information about the scheme:

Community Parish Council

New Play Area

Just to let you know that work to install Warcop’s brand new play area will start the week commencing the 8th August. Once again many thanks to Katie Hauser, one of our Parish Councillors, for leading this by obtaining quotes and writing many bids for grants and also arranging fund-raising events. The finished playground will be an exciting and amazing experience for all the children!

Community Parish Council

MOD Liaison Meeting

Each year local council representatives and other interested parties meet with the MOD and Landmarc staff at Warcop Cap to discuss matters of mutual interest and to hear about the MOD’s work and plans. Warcop Parish Council attends and here are the minutes of the last meeting:

Community Parish Council

Warcop Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of Warcop Parish Council will take place on Thursday 7th July at 7:30pm in the meeting room at Warcop Parish Hall. All residents are welcome to attend.

Here are links to the agendas and minutes of the last meetings:

Community Parish Council

Millennium Maze Tidy Up – Saturday 18th June 10:00am

Can you help to tidy up the Millennium Maze area please? There’s quite a lot of cutting back, sorting out the willow maze and grass cutting needed. Please come along and help if you can and bring a range of tools for the job! Any help would be much appreciated. The Parish Council has purchase a new picnic bench to replace the rotten one so that it can be used after the tidy up.

Below is a link to a poster about this event:

Thank you,

Warcop Parish Council

Community Parish Council

WI donates Tree for Warcop Cemetery

Warcop & Sandford WI have kindly donated a cherry blossom tree which has now been planted near to the Woodland Burial area in Warcop Cemetery. This is part of the Queen’s Jubilee green canopy initiative. The Parish Council is extremely grateful to Valerie and David Brooks, and Maureen Heron who helped with the organisation and planting. The new tree will really enhance that corner of the cemetery.

Community Parish Council

Green Waste Skip for Sandford

Following several years of requests by the Parish Council, we are pleased to report that Sandford now has received its own green waste skip. This might only be a temporary solution and we will have to see what the new Westmorland & Furness authority’s policy will be on this, or the introduction of green wheelie bins in the future.

Warcop Parish Council would like to thank William Patterson, our EDC councillor, for his support and great efforts in achieving this for Sandford.

Community Parish Council

Volunteer Grass-cutters Needed!

Warcop Parish Council Needs Your Help!

Volunteer Grass-cutters

  • Can you spare a couple of hours a week from April to October?
  • Would you like to take care of an area of grass near in your village?
  • If so, the Parish Council has all the equipment: two ride-on mowers, a hand mower and a strimmer
  • All equipment stored centrally in Warcop and Sandford
  • We’d like to increase the number of volunteers to cut and strim the grass in specified Parish Council areas in Sandford, Warcop and Bleatarn and keep them tidy.
  • Full instruction and guidance will be given.
  • The Parish Council will provide insurance.
  • Fuel costs will be reimbursed.

By investing in the equipment, the Parish Council has freed up funds from the precept to spend on improving our Parish. If you have any ideas for further improvements, please let us know!

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact David Keetley on 41390

Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

Community Parish Council

New Planters for Warcop & Sandford

The Parish Council and local residents have helped to provide a new set of planters, including newly-made ones at the village name signs on entry to the villages. Some are made of recycled plastic.

Many thanks to those who have made the planters – especially Mr and Mrs Clee – who filled them with compost, bulbs and flowers. They have also agreed to look after the planters, for which we are very grateful.

They should look wonderful next year when in full bloom and help make our villages look even more attractive.

The planter near Eden Bridge
From the A66 towards the village
A66 Upgrade Community

A66 Upgrade

National Highways have published an updated brochure on their proposals for the A66 upgrade. Here is the link to the A66 NTP winter update website:

The link takes you to the winter update brochure, which summarises the key changes to the scheme since their autumn 2021 consultation. There is also a consultation summary report, which gives you details of the consultation, how many people took part and the feedback they received on their developing designs. 

Recent Consultations

National Highways have issued a leaflet (link below) to local residents suggesting that they have made some amendments to their preferred route where they are looking to make changes to two parts of the route: “the western section of route local to Sandford junction and central section in the vicinity of Moor Beck.”  The leaflet does not include any plans or route drawings, which is not exactly helpful. The consultation lasts from 28th January to 25th February.

There is a National Highways consultation drop-in at Warcop Parish Hall on Monday 7th February 3 – 7pm and on Tuesday 8th February from 8 – 2pm.

Here is a link to the leaflet in case you have not seen it:

Without knowing what their amendments to the western and central routes are, it is hard to comment, but we urge all residents to attend the consultation at the Parish Hall, then submit their responses either online or via paper copies.

What concerns both Warcop Parish Council and Musgrave Parish Council is the suggestion that the eastern route from Warcop to Brough may not have been changed at all.

David Keetley