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Alternative Route Survey

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Warcop Parish Council has produced a survey sheet which will go to every resident in Warcop Parish in the next few days. It is a simple request to see if there is sufficient support for an alternative to the published route by Highways England. The Parish Council believes that the proposed route will be too close to Warcop village and other residential and business premises along the 5-mile route.

We are suggesting that the new dual carriageway, which we very much support, should follow a northern route as it leaves Brough, with an east-west junction, going through some land which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and behind the MOD’s buildings. It would then re-join the existing route near to Sandford with a new east-west junction. The old road would be for local traffic, walkers, cyclists and equestrians.

Our view is that this would reduce the air, noise and visual pollution significantly, retain the army playing field, maintain property prices and the new road could be designed to follow the contours of the land and have minimal visual and environmental impact. The MOD’s operations will be able to continue.

Here is a copy of the survey sheet. Please note that the return sheet must be placed in any of the newspaper boxes in the villages or in the post box at the Parish Hall by October 31st at the latest. The results will be made public on this website and on noticeboards.

Highways England are currently arranging public consultation meetings for November and December at various locations, one of which will be at Warcop Parish Hall.