A66 Upgrade

Since the announcement that the A66 is to be dualled between Penrith and Scotch Corner, it was felt a page of posts, plans and information would be better maintained on a dedicated page. Over the coming weeks, we hope to transfer relevant information to this page for ease of access.

While the Northern Trans Pennine Scheme is a nationally important one, which Warcop Parish Council supports on the grounds of road safety and economic benefit, our main concern is for the best route for our section between Appleby and Brough. We believe it should be as far away as possible from homes, businesses and amenities.

Please note the disclaimer regarding the HE plans:

β€œThe plans are draft and only for the preferred route alignment. They do not take into account the alternatives which are currently being considered (as per the published leaflet). The proposals may change following stakeholder and landowner discussions, consideration of evidence base work and design development. They are not fixed at this stage.”