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Warcop Parish Hall Trustees’ AGM & Meeting

All members of the community are invited to the AGM of Warcop Parish Hall Trustees on Wednesday 8th June at 7pm.

Here is a link to the poster and agenda:

Community Parish Council

Warcop Parish Council AGM & Meeting

The AGM and next meeting of Warcop Parish Council will take place on Thursday 19th May at 7:00pm in the meeting room at Warcop Parish Hall. All residents are welcome to attend.

Here are links to the agendas and minutes of the last meetings:

Community Parish Council

Millennium Maze Tidy Up – Saturday 18th June 10:00am

Can you help to tidy up the Millennium Maze area please? There’s quite a lot of cutting back, sorting out the willow maze and grass cutting needed. Please come along and help if you can and bring a range of tools for the job! Any help would be much appreciated. The Parish Council has purchase a new picnic bench to replace the rotten one so that it can be used after the tidy up.

Below is a link to a poster about this event:

Thank you,

Warcop Parish Council

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Warcop Post Office

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We have been informed that the Post Office has changed its day and times for Warcop Parish Hall starting the week beginning the 9th May 2022.

The new session will be on THURSDAYS 09:00 – 11:00am every week from now on, as it previously operated.

We very much hope that more residents will use the Post Office service including parents, the school staff, trustees and the wider community.

We are also trying to re-establish the Foyer café that ran alongside the Post Office sessions, if we can find enough volunteers.

Please try to support the Post Office because this is definitely a case of use or lose it!