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Events Calendar Available

Please go to the Parish Hall Events Calendar to see the calendar of everything that is on in the hall each month, and to help you should you wish to book the hall or meeting room for any event or activity. Or use this link:

Street Light Not Working? Report Street Lighting Problems!

Use the following link to sort out any street lighting problem you notice around our parish 

Alternatively contact Eden District Council:


The garden waste scheme with Eden District Council runs from April to October and we are allowed seven skips per year.  When the skip is full we have to phone EDC to collect it and provide an empty one.

If anyone has any real problems disposing of green waste, please ask a Parish Councillor and they will certainly try to help.

For 2022, we are grateful to Willie Patterson, our EDC councillor, for working hard to provide an additional green waste skip for Sandford. Both skips are being well used and are usually full with a few days!

As a Parish Council, we are continuing to  lobby our EDC councillor, and those on the new Westmorland & Furness Council, to persuade them to provide our parish with a garden waste green wheelie bin scheme as operates in other parts of the district.


Potholes can be more than a nuisance. They can be a danger to drivers, cyclists and others. In the UK, there’s an average of one road defect for every 110 metres of road.

Local councils have a duty to maintain the roads, but they can only fill a pothole if they know about it. If you want it repaired, click here to report it.

Cumbria County Council’s Highways reporting page can be found here:

The more residents who report a problem with potholes, blocked gullies,  streetlights or footpaths, the sooner it is likely to get fixed!


It is an offence to let your dog foul on a playing field or footpath. It can lead to a fine of £75 which can rise to £1000. On behalf of the Parish Council, please can we ask all dog owners to ensure that they collect their dog’s poo and deposit it in the red bins provided in the village? The number of dog owners seems to have increased recently and we know that the majority of dog owners do clear up their dog’s mess. However, we are now seeing dog poo on the village green on the playground area and football pitch as well as on the roads and on public footpaths by the River Eden. If your dog poos on the grass, please pick it up.

Eden District Council have an online report form to report dog fouling or owners who fail to collect dog mess. This is given in the information below and also as a new link on the front page of our website. This is what Eden District Council’s website says:

Dog fouling

Most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets, but a small number continue to cause problems. Dog fouling which is left on footpaths and playing fields is a health risk to people and can cause the infection ‘Toxocariasis’ which can lead to blindness.

The Fouling of Land by Dogs (District of Eden) Order 2008 designates areas of land where owners must pick up after their dogs, or face a fixed penalty ticket of £75, and possibly a fine of up to £1,000.

When you walk your dog, be sure to take poop bags or a poop scoop with you, like you would remember a lead. Please note, rain does not wash the problem away.

You can put bagged dog waste in:

  • a dog waste bin;
  • a litter bin (there are over 350 in Eden);
  • your own blue refuse bag at home.

To tell us of a problem with a dog waste bin use the:

Dog waste bin problem online report form.

It is every dog owner’s duty to clean up after their dog. Do not give all dog owners a bad name.

Report dog fouling

Report dog fouling, especially if you know the dog owner who is failing to pick up after their dog. If the Community Wardens have no information about the dog owners who are not picking up, they can only monitor an area. To tell us of a problem with dog fouling use the:

Dog fouling online report form.

Request an area be cleared and cleaned of dog fouling

To tell us of a dog fouling problem where a pavement or area needs cleaning, use the:

Street cleaning complaint or request form.