The Chamley Arms – Update

The Parish Council understands that The Chamley Arms has now been sold and the four-bedroomed house on the left has been renovated as an entirely separate dwelling. The new owner of the pub (the section to the right of the house) has started to clear out the pub and we hope to hear more of his plans for developing the pub, restaurant and likely timescales in the near future.

We will try to keep you up to date after we have perhaps met with the new owner. However, as a community we are delighted to hear that our pub will re-open before too long and we hope that once again it will become a vital part of our community life. We also hope that it will be well supported by everyone.


Warcop and Sandford’s minibus link to Appleby continues to run successfully each Friday, organised by Cumbria County Council’s Community Wheels scheme, Warcop Parish Council and administered by Appleby Heritage Centre. All you need to do is sign up for a pre-payment card and you will be collected by one of our team of volunteer driver to take you to Appleby where, if passengers wish, they can connect with the 10:00 am 563 service to Penrith. The minibus then picks up from the 563 in Appleby at 2:15 and returns to Sandford and Warcop. Some people choose to catch the later Penrith bus at 11:30 am. Journeys to Appleby cost £1.50 from Warcop (£3 return) or £1.25 from Sandford (£2.50 return.)

In order to encourage more people to use the minibus, we are introducing an extra midday journey for those who might like to have a couple of hours in Appleby to do some shopping and/or meet up with friends for a coffee. This will pick up in Appleby at 12:00 and return to Warcop by 12:25. The first such service will start on Friday 14th June. We hope that more residents who don’t drive or who simply want to leave the car behind occasionally, will decide to use this shorter service, which is offered on a trial basis to encourage more people will use it. Remember, it’s also a social journey where you can meet people and have a chat and a laugh!

We would especially welcome passengers from Sandford and some more from Warcop to use the bus and drivers are happy to pick up and drop off at a place convenient to you. The risk remains that if numbers do not increase, the service will be withdrawn, so if you can, please support it.

A timetable link is below and a leaflet with bus times and an application form will be posted through every letterbox in the Warcop Parish.

If you would like to join this scheme, which aims to provide at least some local transport links for isolated communities, please phone Karen Chester at Appleby Heritage Centre on 017683 53350 and she will sign you up and sort out all the arrangements in her usual helpful way!

David Keetley – Co-ordinator

2019.05 Community Wheels to Appleby Poster v7 Word

Angel of the North – Glenda Burton!


Congratulations to Glenda Burton who was recently awarded the prestigious Angel of the North Award along with others in this region. Glanda’s tireless community work and her devotion to many children she and Allen have cared for over the years was the basis for her well-deserved award.

Look North reporters attended the October Soup & Pud session to interview Glenda and others and the feature that they showed was excellent in highlighting Glenda’s tremendous community commitment and positive attitude, as well as showing off the Parish Hall to full advantage!

Well done Glenda!




Warcop Village Railings Newly Painted

We hope that you have noticed and appreciate the lovely newly-painted railings alongside Crooks Beck in Warcop. They look fantastic! The paint was donated by Cumbria County Council who also repaired a number of concrete posts damaged by Storm Desmond, and we are very grateful to them.

Thank you also to Steve & Yvonne Burnett and Steven & Julie Atkinson and for all their hard work in sanding the metal bars down, painting the undercoat and then applying the gloss paint. There were also other volunteers so thank you and well done to all of them! It’s great that local residents help out and make our village look smarter.


20180818_171220 20180818_173133 (2) 20180818_171408

Dog Fouling

It is an offence to let your dog foul on a playing field or footpath. It can lead to a fine of £75 which can rise to £1000. On behalf of the Parish Council, please can we ask all dog owners to ensure that they collect their dog’s poo and deposit it in the red bins provided in the village? The number of dog owners seems to have increased recently and we know that the majority of dog owners do clear up their dog’s mess. However, we are now seeing dog poo on the village green on the playground area and football pitch as well as on the roads and on public footpaths by the River Eden. If your dog poos on the grass, please pick it up.

Eden District Council have an online report form to report dog fouling or owners who fail to collect dog mess. This is given in the information below and also as a new link on the front page of our website. This is what Eden District Council’s website says:

Dog fouling

Most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets, but a small number continue to cause problems. Dog fouling which is left on footpaths and playing fields is a health risk to people and can cause the infection ‘Toxocariasis’ which can lead to blindness.

The Fouling of Land by Dogs (District of Eden) Order 2008 designates areas of land where owners must pick up after their dogs, or face a fixed penalty ticket of £75, and possibly a fine of up to £1,000.

When you walk your dog, be sure to take poop bags or a poop scoop with you, like you would remember a lead. Please note, rain does not wash the problem away.

You can put bagged dog waste in:

  • a dog waste bin;
  • a litter bin (there are over 350 in Eden);
  • your own blue refuse bag at home.

To tell us of a problem with a dog waste bin use the:

Dog waste bin problem online report form.

It is every dog owner’s duty to clean up after their dog. Do not give all dog owners a bad name.

Report dog fouling

Report dog fouling, especially if you know the dog owner who is failing to pick up after their dog. If the Community Wardens have no information about the dog owners who are not picking up, they can only monitor an area. To tell us of a problem with dog fouling use the:

Dog fouling online report form.

Request an area be cleared and cleaned of dog fouling

To tell us of a dog fouling problem where a pavement or area needs cleaning, use the:

Street cleaning complaint or request form.

Highways England Meeting – Friday 20th October

Two representatives from Highways England met two Parish Councillors and a member of the community in response to our concerns that the new 50 mph speed limit could still be improved further to make the stretch of road from Appleby Bypass to Brough much safer. We also heard a little more about the progress towards dualling the A66 between Penrith and Scotch Corner.

At the meeting, David Keetley and Tim Wass made a number of requests for action, including:

  • Installing average speed cameras at appropriate points on the route.
  • Installing illuminated speed limit signs (as at Church Brough) at the start and end of the route.
  • Consideration to be given to starting the 50 mph zone at Cafe 66 to give drivers more time to slow down.
  • Painting additional speed limits signs on the road as reminders.
  • A request to make the road adjacent to Taylor & Braithwaite no overtaking with double white lines because of dangerous speeding and overtaking problems there.
  • A request to look at creating a right-turn filter to Flitholme and also a wider slip road for drivers turning left into Flitholme.
  • A similar request for the Langrigg turn off. The idea of blocking this turn off was raised but that would be a considerable change and would have to have the support of local Parish Councils and residents.

Highways England agreed to go away and consider which of these can be done and  they will get back to us with further ideas shortly. They stressed that any works done here to improve road safety were completely independent of any dualling plans, which might well be a few years away anyway.

With regards to dualling, they informed us that a company had been appointed to do the detailed planning and analysis of each section that needed to be dualled. The political will is there and the decision had been taken so now it is a case of looking at route options and priorities. When proposals are finalised, all PCs and local communities along the route will be consulted.

Superfast Broadband for Sandford – an update

The Parish Council has been asked regularly by Sandford residents when they might expect superfast fibre broadband to arrive in the village. I recently wrote to Connecting Cumbria and I copy their reply below. Essentially, they say that it should be operational by March 2018. They also urge all interested residents to register with Connecting Cumbria so they can be notified by email of progress to connect Sandford.

David Keetley


Warcop Parish Council

Thank you for your email regarding fibre broadband in Sandford.

 I can confirm that that there are now future plans under the Connecting Cumbria programme to make fibre available to your postcode area under Connecting Cumbria by March 2018, this has been done by moving a planned cabinet to be upgraded closer to Sandford to ensure this gets coverage.

 The delivery of fibre broadband is a complex process, with many possible engineering problems being encountered during the delivery process.  Therefore until the full cabinet and power installation has been completed, we cannot accurately confirm when fibre will be available for residents of Sandford to order.

 I would ask you to urge residents to register with us at to ensure they receive an email notification when fibre is available to order.

 Many thanks

 Amy Jones


Connecting Cumbria

Environment and Community Services | Cumbria County Council

Parkhouse Building | Carlisle | Cumbria | CA6 4SJ

Church of England Services October 2017

Church of England Services

St Columba’s, Warcop and St Theobald’s,  Great Musgrave

October 2017


October 1st

10.45 am   Holy Communion                                          St Columba’s,  Warcop

October 8th 

9.00am     Holy Communion                                           St Theobald’s, Musgrave

10.30       Churches Together Harvest Festival           Methodist Chapel, Warcop

2.00pm    Harvest Thanksgiving                                     St. Theobald’s, Musgrave

October 15th

10.45       Holy Communion                                             St. Columba’s, Warcop

October 22nd

10.00am  Holy Communion                                            St. Theobald’s Musgrave

October 29th

10.45      Heart of Eden Holy Communion                   Murton and Dufton


Church Cleaning St Columba’s     Saturday 28th October 10.00am

New 563 Appleby to Penrith Bus Service – Starts 4th September

From the 4th September, a new 563 bus service will operate between Appleby and Penrith, Monday to Friday, three times a day, off-peak. This service will be run by Stagecoach and a timetable is attached below. You might be able to arrange a lift to connect with the service at Appleby, or alternatively you can use the Rural Wheels scheme run by Cumbria County Council. Phone 01228 226 428 for further information and see poster below.

The Friends of Eden Transport Group, of which Warcop Parish Council is represented, is exploring the possibility of running a minibus between Kirkby Stephen, Brough, Warcop, Sandford and Appleby to help people in the Upper Eden Valley to link in to the new service, even if this is not every day of the week. It cannot operate on a Tuesday as the Classic Coach 574 service between Kirkby Stephen and Penrith will continue to operate. We will keep you informed if any progress is made on this link route.

Poster for 563 Service


Rural Wheels Edensm

Community News

  • Village Green Improvements – Cumbria Community Fund Award

Warcop Parish Council has been successful in its application to the Cumbria Community Flood Fund to repair damage caused to the village green and play area by Storm Desmond in December 2015. It has been awarded £15,000 to replace perimeter fencing, a new bridge over the beck, new picnic tables and benches. We are also meeting Eden District Council to see how we can update the play equipment. Thanks to John Heron and Georgie Fell for pushing this forward and also to Sue Fell, who filled in the form and got the necessary quotes and paperwork. We hope to start the work in late summer or early autumn.

  • A66 request for improvements

Following the recent fatality and other accidents on the A66, the Parish Council contacted Highways England to request that obscured 50 mph signs are made more visible. We have also asked for bigger signs and also illuminated speed limit notices. We await their response. We were also told that the next phase of work on dualling the A66 has gone out to tender and more details might be available in August.

  • Great North Air Ambulance Collection

Thank you to all who brought bags to our second GNAA collection on the 7th & 8th July. We counted over 100 bags! This raised a tremendous £450 for the GNAA charity which goes towards the running costs of this essential service.

  • Summer Breeze Concert

The summer concert on the 8th July by local band Covernote was a great success with a fantastic bring-and-share supper and a bar serving Pimms, prosecco and other drinks. It was well attended by people from across the community and just about everyone was soon dancing along to the old favourites! There were also guest musicians and singers which added an extra dimension to the band’s extensive set list. Overall, £540 was raised for the Hall which will go towards the purchasing of much-need equipment.

  • Hall Improvements 

Following the donation of funds raised by the Table Tennis Club and the Thursday Foyer Cafe, the following equipment has been purchased for the hall:

  • a baby change unit in the disabled toilet
  • coat hooks in each toilet and the Meeting Room
  • a new fridge in the kitchen for keeping food chilled for our bigger events.

It is hoped that the next items will be some shelving to go in store rooms to take smaller items off the floor. We are also investigating new comfortable chairs and lightweight tables to replace the old ones.



Badminton Sessions Tuesday 7:30 – 9:30 pm

We have now decided to re-start the Badminton sessions. Sessions are start at 7:30 pm, after Clubbercise.

Starters/inexperienced players 7:30 -8:30 pm

Intermediate/advanced players 8:30 – 9:30 pm

Adults £2, Children under -16 £1

If any group wants to book the hall privately to play badminton, there are plenty of sessions available (see Parish Hall Events Calendar) and we have all the equipment, so contact Joyce on 41390 to book a time.

New Milk Delivery for Warcop!

Following the end of Paul Jackson’s milk delivery service, a new provider has come forward to operate the round in a similar way to the previous service. Neil and Dee Veitch will start deliveries to Warcop on Monday, 6th February and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday thereafter.

Many people have already contacted them to ensure that they receive their milk delivery, but if you haven’t yet done so (and this includes Warcop, Bleatarn and Sandford residents,) then please do so as soon as possible. Tell other people about it too!

Telephone contact details are: 017683 71375 or 07590 016604


New Weekly Bus Service 574

Residents will be pleased to know that a new weekly bus service on Tuesdays between Kirkby Stephen and Penrith is to start operation on Tuesday 31st January. A timetable link is attached below. As yet, we have no information on costs.

It is hoped that lots of people will use the new service as this will only help the case for a more comprehensive service by another operator which is still being explored.

574 bus route

Carpet Bowls Starts January 12th 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Sessions take place on every second and fourth Thursday in the month, starting on the 12th January 2017, 1:30 – 3:00 pm. All welcome and no previous experience needed – just a sense of fun! It will be a gentle exercise session. Cost is £2 per session.

Sue Fell was successful in obtaining grants from EDC and CCC for increasing participation in sport and healthy activities. We have purchased a good quality second-hand 45-foot indoor bowling mat and we have some wooden ends and indoor bowls to get things started.

If you are interested in playing, please contact Bob Laidlow, by phone or use the contact form on the Warcop website. Further details are on the attached poster via this link:




Badminton Lines Completed for Parish Hall

Sue Fell has been successful in acquiring two grants for the Parish Hall from both Cumbria County Council and Eden District Council to improve healthy outcomes and increase physical activity. This will allow us to obtain more sports equipment. One key part of the plan is to mark out a badminton court in the hall and purchase the necessary equipment. 

The contractor has painted the lines and sealed the floor today, Monday 24th October and the seal will be dried and ready for use from Wednesday 26th. We are ordering some free-standing badminton posts, a net and a starter pack of rackets and shuttlecocks which should be with us soon.

So if you are interested in playing badminton or can help run the session(s) please contact us via the website or speak to Sue Fell or David Keetley. It would be great to start a club in the next few weeks; alternatively, players can book the hall for a game as a one-off session.

Warcop Christmas Craft Fair Saturday 19th November 2016 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Warcop Christmas Craft Fair Saturday 19th November 10 – 4:00 pm

All artists, craft workers and creative people are invited to display and sell their craft work at Warcop Parish Hall from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm. Cost £10 per table. Further details to follow.

If you are interested in reserving a table/space please contact us via the website section for the Parish Hall or call Joyce on 017683 41390.

Eden Valley Railway

Find out about the latest developments on the railway at Warcop by visiting the Eden Valley Railway website on

New Grass-cutting Arrangements

Warcop Parish Council recently agreed to purchase its own grass-cutting equipment in order to save a significant amount of money from the annual precept, which can then be used for other improvements for the Parish.  A team of volunteers will work on cutting the grass areas of Warcop and Sandford. If you would like to join the rota, please contact The Chair, David Keetley, on 017683 41390.

We realise it is a big undertaking, but we will do our best to maintain a good standard of service. However, if you feel we are not doing something well, please let us know and we will try to do better!

The rota will be published on the website and noticeboards soon.