War Memorial Improvements

20181101_230802Our Warcop War Memorial has recently been repaired and renovated to help ensure it is ready for the Remembrance Day, which this year marks 100 years since the end of the first world war. As you may know, the War Memorial has recently been designated a Grade II listed War Monument.

The Parish Council would like to thank Max Voican for repairing some rotten posts and Steve and Yvonne Burnett for their wonderful work in painting the posts, chains, wreath-holder and kerb stones. They have also laid fresh gravel.

I am sure you will agree that it looks fantastic and is a fitting tribute to those fallen soldiers commemorated on the plaques.











New Weekly minibus service to Appleby – Penrith 563 Service

20180908_085018Warcop Parish Council, in conjunction with Cumbria County Council’s Community Wheels Scheme, has negotiated the hire of an Appleby Heritage Centre minibus to run a weekly link service from Warcop via Sandford to Appleby. This will link in with the first Appleby to Penrith 563 service at 09:58 and return to Warcop via Sandford when the last bus arrives at Appleby at 14:16. The bus collects at The Croft at 09:20, the bus shelter in Warcop at 09:30 and The Sandford Arms bus stop at 09:40.

Passengers can go on to Penrith on the 563 on either the early bus or the later one at 11:30, or they can just go into Appleby.

We put out a questionnaire in every household’s letter box where your views were sought on the timings, whether you’d use it and if you’d like to volunteer to be a driver and so on. About 7 volunteer drivers have come forward. Initially this link bus will run on FRIDAYS. The service started on Friday 7th September.

The scheme operates as a Cumbria County Council Community Wheels service so passengers have to register with Community Wheels and obtain a card which covers the cost of journeys. No cash is required. They can be topped up at Kirkby Stephen or Appleby Libraries and Appleby Heritage Centre.  Appleby Heritage Centre will provide one of their minibuses and do the necessary administration. Cumbria County Council will provide the Community Wheels cards, leaflets with times and pick up points and other publicity.

We have a team of volunteer drivers who have undergone the MIDAS minibus training and are all local residents and we are grateful to all of them and to Appleby Heritage Centre and Cumbria County Council for their support

Please support this idea if you can and it will help many people in our parish get out and about again. If numbers are low, then the service will not be able to continue. Attached below are copies of flyers, timetable and application forms.

The Classic Coaches 574 service continues on Tuesdays picking up from Warcop Railway Bridge.

Thank you,

David Keetley

Chair, Warcop Parish Council

2018.09 Community Wheels Appleby Flyer v5

2018.09 Community Wheels Appleby Poster v5_1

Road Closure between Warcop and Bleatarn – from 23rd July for Eight weeks

We have been informed that the road between Warcop and Bleatarn will be closed to allow Thomas Armstrong to carry out flood repairs in this area. The email from Cumbria Highways is given below as well as a map of the planned closure routes and the alternatives. This will impact on a number of residents. Please contact them if you have any concerns or issues.

Please see attached road closure allowing Thomas Armstrong Ltd to carry out  flood repairs

The works are due to begin 23rd July and are expected last 8 weeks

DESCRIPTION/LOCATION OF THE WORKS: Closure of C3070 from its junction with U3301 extending in a north easterly direction for approx. 2km to its junction with U3435.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: – The Unrestricted section of the C3070, C3076, B6259 


Robbie Brown

Assistant Traffic Management Technician | Highways Transport and Fleet

Environment and Community Services|Cumbria County Council

Parkhouse Building| Kingmoor Business Park |Carlisle| CA6 4SJ

Telephone 01228 226503


 Road Closure Location Plan (1)

Survey about Monthly Exchange Coffee Morning

The Trustees of Warcop Parish Hall are seeking your views on how to make our monthly coffee morning, currently known as the Exchange, an even better experience which will attract more local residents to meet up, have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee as well as buying local produce.

Paper copies will be distributed through all letterboxes shortly and you can return it to the new post box at the hall next to the front door. Alternatively, you can complete in online and email it to Joyce Keetley on keetleyjd@sky.com.

The link to the survey is here: Exchange Survey June 2018

Thank you for taking the time to give us your ideas. We’d really like to make it something that lots of people will support and bring even more people together in our community.

Appleby Horse Fair, 7th – 10th June 2018

This year’s Appleby Horse Fair took place from the 7th to the 10th June. Arrangements for Warcop and Sandford were pretty much as before, with the exception of the sheepfold in Warcop which we have asked to be fenced off following last year’s incident where horses went into adjacent properties. The links below take you to the agreed stopping places with maps of where bow tops are allowed and so on.

Useful Documents:



There is also a website devoted to the Appleby Horse Fair if you require further information www.applebyfair.org .

The Parish Council would welcome any comments, both positive or otherwise, about how you think the arrangements for this year’s Horse Fair in Warcop and Sandford went. We are aware of one or two issues that the police sorted out and several residents were willing to be flexible over horses grazing for one night. Any comments will be fed back to the organisers so that we can improve things further in the future.

New Footbridge Completed

You might have noticed our brand new footbridge over the beck at the village green in Warcop which is now open. This was paid for out of the £15,000 flood grant we received following Storm Desmond and adds to the new perimeter fencing and benches which have been installed.

Thanks go to Chris Deighton for his excellent workmanship and he will improve the footpath with new gravel to make the far end of the village green more accessible.


20180428_124541 20180428_124604

Warcop Village Green – New Fencing Erected

You will have seen that the new fencing has been erected around the village green. This was paid for from a successful grant to a Flood Relief fund following Storm Desmond. The fencing, new picnic tables and seats are all made from re-cycled plastic and should last for many years with low maintenance costs.

The next work will be re-building the bridge over the beck. Any funds left over will be used to make further improvements to that area of the village. Many thanks to Max Voican for his excellent work on this in some terribly wintry weather and also to Colin Harrison for moving the old, heavy picnic bench nearer to the willow maze.

We expect Eden District Council to paint the play equipment when the weather improves to brighten it all up. The Parish Council wants to improve the whole Parish and is always willing to hear ideas from residents about how to achieve this.



New Notice Boards for Warcop & Sandford

20171022_16423820170929_11213820170929_112538The Parish Council has now purchased two new, green notice boards for Warcop and Sandford to replace the damaged ones. Both noticeboards have been erected and the Parish Council would like to thank Max Voican who agreed to fix them. Both are slightly larger than the previous ones as we want to try and accommodate and display as much community information as possible.

We have the same system with a key attached on a chain for people to open and close the boards as there are two locks, one at each corner. Please be aware that the doors lift upwards and are on gas struts. We hope you like them when you see them!

Memorial Bench at the Parish Hall

Warcop Parish Council and the WI have jointly funded a new memorial bench in memory of Margaret Thomas and this is now in position at the Parish Hall. It is made of re-cycled plastic and looks very smart. We hope that you will have a sit on it – when the weather decides to behave itself again!

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